Meet Our Team

Mr. Vishwas Kulal

Mr. Vishwas Kulal is the Proprietor and Operations head of the company. Though having an Engineering background, his passion for travel and the travel industry drove him to start this venture.
He brings about the various deals with continuous coordination with the suppliers which in turn can be offered to our loyal customers. He endures to ensure the best offers and quality services to our customers.

Mr. Anush

Mr. Anush is the Business Development Manager of the company. He is a very active traveller and a Trekking enthusiast. He is also the Head Guide for our Trekking Team.
He implements our marketing schemes and promotions at the ground level. He keeps in constant touch with our individual customers and corporate clients to give them the quickest service and ensure conversions.

Mr. Hubert D’Souza

Mr. Hubert D’Souza is the Marketing Head for the company. He is part of the company since inception and takes an active marketing management role in the company.
All the various marketing and promotional schemes are designed by him to bring maximum customer connectivity.

Ms. Jeevitha Sequeira

Ms. Jeevitha Sequeira is the Customer Relationship Manager of the company. She has varied experience with Customer handling and Travel/Tour arrangements.
She handles various important roles related to the customers such as Customer engagement, Query handling, Follow Ups, bookings and Customer feedback.`

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