Wanderlust Saver Scheme EMI

Wanderlust Saver Scheme EMI

Season Tours & Travels is proud to introduce to you the ‘Wanderlust Saver Scheme’. This is our attempt to make travel more and more affordable and possible to all our travel lover customers to undertake their dream travel regularly. True to our punchline “A reason to travel every season”, we provide a reason to our customers to undertake their dream travel by providing our most affordable domestic and international tour packages with easy payment options.

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Season Tours & Travels is a provider of all forms of Domestic and International Tour packages which includes Honeymoon Tours, Family Tours, Group Tours, Corporate Tours, Pilgrimage Tours etc in addition to other allied services such as Flight/Train/Bus Bookings, Vehicle Rentals, Visa, Travel Insurance, Forex etc.

Wanderlust Saver Scheme provides all travel lovers an opportunity to guarantee their dream trips.

Wanderlust Saver Scheme provides all travel lovers an opportunity to guarantee their regular dream trips, by saving their money with us for the specific reason to go on a holiday. We understand that sometimes money can be hard to set aside unless saved with an intentional purpose. Therefore, we provide you the medium to ensure his very purpose. This scheme not only ensures your savings, but also enables you to book the package without having to wait until you have saved the full amount. So you get to travel faster and save money by booking your trip well in advance. Isn’t that great???

How it works?

Step 1: You agree on a tenure of the instalments (Minimum 6 Months)
Step 2: You agree on the monthly instalment value (Minimum Rs.1,500 for Domestic and Rs.3,000 for International Travel)
Step 3: Fill the Application and pay the first instalment
Step 4: After payment of certain number of instalments (depending on the tenure agreed), you are allowed to book the package as per your desired dates (should be after completion of all instalments) for the total agreed amount.
Step 5: After completion of the final amount, you can undertake your travel.

Below example table explains it better:

Terms & Conditions:

1) Equal instalment amounts as per your choice. Minimum monthly instalment value to be Rs.1,500 for Domestic Holiday Packages and Rs.3,000 for International Holiday Packages.

2) Minimum tenure of the Instalments is 6 months. Tenure should be in multiples of 6.

3) This Scheme is applicable to all our Domestic and International Holiday packages.

4) You may choose to swap your instalments between Domestic and International Holiday Packages. No restrictions.

5) Waiting Period is applicable for the first half of the agreed tenure.

6) Travel Booking can be done after half way of the agreed tenure and after payment of half +1 instalments of the total agreed value.

7) Travel date should be after the payment of the Final Instalment.

8) Payment can be done by visiting our office or through online transfer. Receipt will be issued for the same.

9) No refund allowed under any circumstances.

10) You have the option to gift the travel to someone else.

11) We ensure best rates are given to the customers. But do not guarantee any rates unless fully booked.

12) The entire package including Flights, Trains, Bus or Car to be booked through Season Tours & Travels.

13) If the package cost is more than the total instalment amount, then the additional amount needs to be paid during the booking.

14) If the package cost is less than the total instalment amount, then the difference amount will be returned as gift vouchers for customer to redeem in the future. The voucher will be provided after the completion of instalment period.

15) If you wish to travel before the completion of the instalment period, you just need to settle the balance instalments and book your desired package.

16) No Hidden / Additional cost.

17) The Customer to ensure/certify that all the information provided in this application is true/correct.

18) Customer should provide relevant proof/identification document.

19) Season Tours & Travels may increase or decrease the credit limit as required and is not liable to give any reason.

20) If the customer does not follow the instalment payment discipline before or after the booking, Season Tours & Travels reserves the right to cancel the booking without any refund whatsoever.

21) Approval of the Scheme to the customer is at the sole discretion of Season Tours & Travels and is not required to provide any reason/explanation.

22) Season Tours & Travels reserves the right to amend any part of the scheme without any prior notice as deemed necessary.


Wonderlust Saver Scheme Application Form: